School Profile


Since 1993, Belize Christian Academy has built a reputation of academic excellence based upon a unique American curriculum that emphasizes and encourages the development of its students' minds, bodies and hearts. On the outskirts of the capital city, Belmopan, BCA is a private, interdenominational Christian school with a multi-national staff of well-qualified teachers and administrators dedicated to the support of approximately 235 students who represent over 15 nationalities. We are the school choice of the local embassy’s which includes: U.S. Embassy, British High Commission, Mexican Embassy and Embassy of El Salvador. BCA's 25 acre fenced campus is only two miles from Belmopan, located 1/2 mile off Western Highway at mile 47 on Banana Bank Road. We have bus transportation to and from Belmopan as well as the Cayo area. From Kindergarten through 12th Grade, all students are challenged in classrooms with a low student-to-teacher ratio that provides the individual attention needed by students to realize their full educational potential.

In addition to a 30 station computer lab, students also have access to a science lab and a variety of physical education and sports programs. Spacious, well-equipped playgrounds ensure that the children, when not in the classroom, are encouraged to simply enjoy the playful side of childhood. With an English-teaching curriculum that upholds very high academic standards, BCA students are continually challenged - mentally, spiritually, socially and physically to do their very best. more

School History


Charlie and Judy Williams

Belize Christian Ministries was incorporated in Belize as a non-profit corporation in 1991. The activities of the organization included vacation Bible schools for children, revival services, home improvement projects for the poor, medical and dental clinics. more

Our Mission

The mission of Belize Christian Academy is to provide, by the grace of God, the best education possible, by developing children mentally, spiritually, socially, and physically, using curricula, instructors, and an environment consistent with Biblical truth, honoring the worth of the individual made in the image of God, and declaring and worshiping God as Creator, Savior, and Lord of all things.

Our Vision

Belize Christian Academy is to be a private, interdenominational, Christian school. Curricula, staff, policies, practices, activities and attitudes will be selected, developed and maintained to provide students with a solid Christian moral foundation. The school will be operated in a manner so that it will be Biblically Christian and not in name only. The financial needs of the school are to be met by the tuition and fees charged and by support from the Christian community in Belize and abroad. The school program is to be carried out in an atmosphere of love, concern, and encouragement. The low student-to-teacher ratio will provide adequate individual attention for each student to meet his or her highest potential in all areas. Students and parents fully support the statement of faith, policies, and staff of the school and are actively involved in the education of their children. A strong emphasis will be placed on producing excellence in all aspects of the school as a testimony to our Lord. The school is to be viewed by the community at large as a model of educational excellence.